Sensorimotor Therapy

A person who was traumatised in the past can find themselves living a constrained life in the present because of the survival patterns they developed in response to the traumatic situation or situations they lived through.  Attitudes, thoughts, emotions and physical sensations, which represented creative responses to trauma at the time, can now be triggered by everyday events.  Many of these patterns are rooted in the body, and it may not be possible to reduce their impact simply by talking about them.  Sensorimotor Therapy uses results from brain-imaging studies and other scientific investigations into the impact of trauma on human physiology to inform its approach.  Using mindfulness to increase sensorimotor awareness, and simple body-oriented interventions, it offers a gently effective way for people to become aware of how they store trauma in their bodies and, over time, how to release it.   With the power of the traumatic responses weakened, and more flexible responses taking their place, people can begin to live a more fulfilling life, grounded in the present.

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