Counselling and Psychotherapy

Therapy is concerned with our relationship to the world, and our relationship to ourselves.  I can work alongside you to help navigate a difficult patch in your life, or to seek to resolve a long-term or even life-long issue or issues.

This may involve coming to terms with a painful family history, a search for meaning and direction, or exploring how to be in relationship with another and yet still be your own person.  It may mean starting to look carefully and compassionately at buried trauma, or learning how to believe in yourself and your perceptions; in your own sense of what is right for you.

Our work together may also involve seeking to understand and ameliorate the impact of painful personal patterns: a tendency to depression for example, or ongoing difficulties with anxiety.  Many of us develop an inner critical voice which attacks and undermines us, in which case our work together would involve learning approaches towards stilling this voice.


In all my work, I am aware that the body and the mind are inextricably interconnected.  Anxiety, for example, isn’t just a psychological experience, but can include a fast beating heart, a churning stomach, and/or other symptoms.  Where appropriate, my approach to therapy includes psychoeducation about how the brain and body respond physiologically to stressors, and body-based exercises designed to reduce the impact of such symptoms.

As a result of the work we do together, you will find increased self-knowledge and self-acceptance.  You may also access the clarity to find and speak whatever is true for you.

I am very aware that it takes courage to approach a therapist, and to discuss deeply personal matters with another human being, even if that person is professionally trained.  Whatever the issues you bring, I undertake to work with you to the best of my ability in a non-judgmental and compassionate manner.